the best portable Bluetooth speaker

which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker?

Do you want to play a song or an audio? Do you wish it to get audible among your family members and friends in small group? This is where the bluetooth speaker will play a vital role. The market is flooded with those concepts of speakers. You don’t need a wire or an electricity to connect the device. Just the Bluetooth within the device should be on. It is the time to have a look at the best Bluetooth speakers in India. The article will explain its design, quality, built and much more. It is also important to know about the price of the device. Acid Eye DY-27 Speaker is one of the superior names in this regard.

Features of Bluetooth speaker – Acid Eye DY-27

  1. Display

The Bluetooth speaker has nothing much to do with the display. But, some commands and notifications are important to follow. The Acid Eye DY-27 Bluetooth speaker comes with LED display that too belonging to 7 segment variation.

  1. Play time

The portable Bluetooth speaker is an electronic device. Though it does not runs on electricity, it may sometime behave like it. Just in mobile phone or the smart phone you get the talk time, this Bluetooth speaker will speak about the play time. This means, how much capacity its battery possess to play songs at a stress without charging it in the middle. Normally, you will get the play time of 3.5 to 6 hours. This can vary as you lower or raise the volume of the device.

  1. Device support

You can connect this Bluetooth speaker different types of music devices. The particular Bluetooth speaker named as Acid Eye DY-27 comes can support the devices like MP3, APE, WMA, WAV, LAC. Thus, if you have the music device that has any one of this configuration, playing this portable Bluetooth device will be quite easy.

  1. Portability

These days, people wish to get the music devices that can be carried easily from one place to another. They wish to play wonderful music in a picnic party. While travelling in a car, people become too much bored. If the song can be played on the way, this will make your mind refresh. Thus, the portable Bluetooth speaker is going to be a great asset over here.

  1. Battery

When you are going to buy a Bluetooth speaker from the market, the battery is going to be a great concern all together. It is totally waste of time and money if the speaker stops now and then in the middle of a party. Thus, getting a bluetooth speaker with good battery capacity is very important. The Acid Eye DY-27 comes with the lithium chargeable battery. Thus, you can charge it anytime when the battery is exhausted. Also, when you get a warning from the device about the battery, put it in charge. This will fill the charge very quickly.

Promise from the seller

You will definitely need an assurance from the seller about the quality of the product. According to the manufacturer or the seller, they will cover all type of malfunctions or defects that may come in your way. The device named as Acid Eye DY-27 is covered with the standard manufacturing warranty.

You will get a replacement within a stipulated period of purchase. However, even after the period, the manufacturing warranty is covered. You will get the servicing absolutely free for that period of time. Even the seller promises to pick the device from your home and get it for repair. Once it is done, the device will be again delivered at your doorstep.

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