Cousin Sister’s Wedding We Enjoyed a Lot And The Baraat Came From Pakistan

Cousin Sister’s Wedding We Enjoyed a Lot And The Baraat Came From Pakistan

We were preparing for the sangeet night and some other members of the family having their mehndi. All were too busy and it was around 4 pm that we were having the rush of mehndi people in our family. They all want to have mehndi on their hands and feet, and in the middle of that, they were also preparing for Sangeet ceremony. Dance practice and mehndi all were going together. Two mehndi artists we booked, one especially for the bride and other was drawing for relatives and guests. All wanted to dance and all wanted to have mehndi including little ones also. For them, mehndi artist was using only easy mehndi design because she didn’t want to waste time for children, just made them happy because many were in the queue.

Mehndi Design

It was the wedding of my cousin sister in Jaipur at the hotel, Rajputana Sheraton. The wedding date was in January 2018, 16. And the baraat came from Pakistan. So long tour it was for the groom family. So tired they were looking when they arrived, rested for 3 hours and we fed them the refreshment. In the meanwhile, the groom took the time to meet the bride and I noticed it, groom blushed and went into his room. His name is Abhisheik, working as a business analyst in New York in a firm. Their family was from Pakistan, paternal home there and some relative still live. So they departed the baraat from their paternal home, a custom it is. Little bit orthodox and conservative they are. And it also reflected when the baraat arrived but the groom didn’t seem to.

After doing the rest for two and three hours, all got busy in the wedding work, and some groom’s friends including pandit went to dress up the groom for the sangeet night. You must be wondering how the bride and groom’s sangeet ceremony at the same venue while the groom’s should be at the groom’s home. Because if they did it at the groom’s house, they could get late to India and wedding muhurat could get disturbed. This was the reason.

Non-veg and veg both varieties we had for the wedding in the different sections at the hotel. Around 200 and 300 guests were invited from both the wedding families. The hotel got full of crowd and everything was going comfortable and smooth. The hotel staff was supportive also including waiters and all. Hotel rooms were cleaned too without any problems and all the basic amenities were perfect including the other facilities we demanded.

The vendors we required for the wedding, booked from Shaadidukaan. It is an online wedding market. We tried to book from others but on those websites, vendors didn’t seem to us genuine. Then someone from the family recommended the above mentioned online portal. So we booked through it.

During the phera ceremony, only family members were there and it was around 2 pm according to muhurat. Indian weddings are always done according to muhurat so we had to wait. In the period of free time, we spent the night talking, dancing and eating. Some guests slept while waiting. After the phera ceremony, the bride and groom became of each other in the cold night! They were shivering too. Wedding went well and we enjoyed a lot.

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